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Beech chopped, not dried or industrially dried

1.Loose beech chunks transported in trailers with sliding floor

 2. Packed in a 1.6 loose cubic meter packs – pack fix system

 3. Stacked on a palette and packed in a net with a capacity of 0,9 stacked cubic meter – SCM

4. Stacked on a pallet with a capacity of 1.0 stacked cubic meter – 1,0 SCM Wood Box

 5. Stacked on a pallet with a capacity of 1.8 stacked cubic meter – 1,8 SCM Wood Box

 – The dimensions of the chunks can be adapted to customer requirements – the length of the chunk, the edge of the chunk

– The final moisture content of the wood is up to 20% residual moisture – it can be
adjusted on customer’s request

– We offer cooperation in transport on returnable pallets

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