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Beech log is being cut on the POSCH Vario 650 automatic splitting line. We process up to 30 cubic meters of beech log wood per day.
Beech firewood of the required size is filled into the iron baskets where the wood is handled in the dryer.

Firewood is dried in a double-chamber dryer with a production capacity of 150.0 loose cubic meters per week.

The output quality of wood dryer is controlled by the drying program and the manual hygrometer after the drying program has finished. After drying, the wood is taken back to the dry hall and drained from the iron baskets.

We can pack firewood with the PackFix system on the pallet with a volume of 1.6 loose meters which is equal to 1.0 cubic meter of stacked wood.

For foreign customers, we ensure that the wood is stacked on the pallet in the required size and in the required form of the anti-spill pallet. We offer the possibility of producing returnable pallets.

In final we secure transport by our own truck to the foreign destinations.

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